Determining the Size of a Hankel Matrix in Subspace System Identification for Estimating the Stiffness Matrix and Flexural Rigidities of a Shear Building
전단빌딩의 강성행렬 및 부재의 강성추정을 위한 부분공간 시스템 확인기법에서의 행켈행렬의 크기 결정

Seung-Keun Park, Hyun Woo Park
2013 Journal of the Computational Structural Engineering Institute of Korea  
This paper presents a subspace system identification for estimating the stiffness matrix and flexural rigidities of a shear building. System matrices are estimated by LQ decomposition and singular value decomposition from an input-output Hankel matrix. The estimated system matrices are converted into a real coordinate through similarity transformation, and the stiffness matrix is estimated from the system matrices. The accuracy and the stability of an estimated stiffness matrix depend on the
more » ... ix depend on the size of the associated Hankel matrix. The estimation error curve of the stiffness matrix is obtained with respect to the size of a Hankel matrix using a prior finite element model of a shear building. The sizes of the Hankel matrix, which are consistent with a target accuracy level, are chosen through this curve. Among these candidate sizes of the Hankel matrix, more proper one can be determined considering the computational cost of subspace identification. The stiffness matrix and flexural rigidities are estimated using the Hankel matrix with the candidate sizes. The validity of the proposed method is demonstrated through the numerical example of a five-story shear building model with and without damage. Keywords : subspace system identification, hankel matrix, stiffness matrix, estimation error, prior finite element model, determination of the size of a hankel matrix, target accuracy level †
doi:10.7734/coseik.2013.26.2.99 fatcat:pylv2r46wrgord5bnb4bfjygym