Dispersion Dynamical Magnetic Radius in Intrinsic Spin Equals the Compton Wavelength

Antony J. Bourdillon
2018 Journal of Modern Physics  
Because magnetic moment is spatial in classical magnetostatics, we progress beyond the axiomatic concept of the point particle electron in physics. Orbital magnetic moment is well grounded in spherical harmonics in a central field. There, quantum numbers are integral. The half-integral spinor moment appears to be due to cylindrical motion in an external applied magnetic field; when this is zero ( 0 ext z B = ), the spin states are degenerate. Consider lifting the degeneracy by diamagnetism in
more » ... y diamagnetism in the cylindrical magnetic field: a uniquely derived electronic magnetic radius shares the identical value to the Compton wavelength.
doi:10.4236/jmp.2018.913145 fatcat:5gfwa5tvjzeb3fzygtc7idiz6e