A Taxonomyof Intelligent Algorithms used for Solving Traveling Salesman Problem (TSP) in the Year 2019

Haroon Altarawneh
2021 Zenodo  
Travel salesman problem (TSP) considered as one of the most important complex optimization problem. The complexity of TSP is due to many reasons, like different types of TSP, the number of visited cities, and the absence of real optimal solution to it. Many intelligent algorithms were proposed and enhanced to solve TSP, but none of them gave the real optimal solution; some solutions were close to the optimal solutions but with special conditions. In our research we reviewed related published
more » ... icles in the year 2019(Scopus database), to find the state-of-art in Solving Travel Salesman Problem (TSP) by different intelligent algorithms. We reviewed 200 published articles in Scopus database, and found 128 related papers. The reviewed articles showed that; there are 34 types of TSP, 89 proposed and enhanced algorithms.The main type in reviewed articles was the symmetric TSP,where 82 articles from 128 reviewed articles discussed it. This research considered as road map for more research in this filed.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.4785093 fatcat:s62cji4vvfdwdnrolrrbb75t5m