New Anastomosis Group F (AG-F) of binucleate Rhizoctonia causing root and stem rot of Pistacia vera

Hossein Alaei, Saeed Molaei, Seyed Mahmoodi, Roohollah Saberi-Riseh
Journal of Crop Protection   unpublished
A total of ten isolates of fungi with Rhizoctonia-like mycelia were obtained from infected roots and stems of Pistachio Pistacia vera grown in a commercial nursery in Rafsanjan, Iran, during the autumn of 2011. The infected seedlings showed symptoms of chlorosis that later turned to necrosis. All of the isolates were identified as binucleate Rhizoctonia on the basis of hyphal characteristics and nuclear number. They were tested for detection of the anastomosis group, optimum growth temperature,
more » ... growth temperature, rDNA-ITS region traits and pathogenicity on pistachio seedlings in vitro and in vivo. The analysis of hyphal anastomosis reaction was carried out with the tester isolates of binucleate