Fine Diffraction Effects in Si Single Crystals Implanted with Fast Ar Ions and Annealed

D. Żymierska, K. Godwod, J. Adamczewska, J. Auleytner, J. Choiński, K. Regiński
2002 Acta Physica Polonica. A  
A CT A P HY SIC A P O LO N IC A A No . 5 P r oceedi ng s o f t h e Sy m p o siu m o n Syn chr otr on Cr y st all ogr ap hy, Kr y n ica, Po l an d 200 1 F in e Di˜r acti on E˜e ct s in Si Sin gle C r y stals I m p lan te d w it h Fast Ar Ion s an d An n eale d D .'y mier sk a a ; Ê , K. G od wo d a , J. A damc zew ska a , J. A ul ey t n er a , J. C hoi ¥sk i b and K. R egi¥ sk i c a In st it ut e of P hysi cs, Po l i sh Ac ademy of Sciences al . Lo tni k §w 32/ 46, 02-668 W arsaw, Po l and b Hea
more » ... saw, Po l and b Hea vy Ion La b ora to ry of W arsaw Uni versi ty Pa steura 5a, 02-093 W arsaw, Po l and c Insti tute of El ectro n T echnol ogy, al. Lo tni k §w 32/ 46, 02-668 Warsaw, Pol and T h e pap er presents hi gh-resol uti on X-ra y di˜ra cti on studies per for med for Si single crystal : as-gro w n, implanted w ith a 5 È 1 0 1 4 ions  cm À 2 dose of 3 Me V /n A r ions, as w ell as implan ted and annealed in a very high v acuum . T he results are discussed on the basis of ro cking curves and the mathematical analysi s of the recipro cal space maps. It is show n that the lattice parameter is increased in an implanted part of the crystal, but long distance lattice curv ature is not present. A fter annealin g full rela xatio n of the crystal is stated. PACS numb ers: 61.80.J h, 61.80. {x, 61. 10. {i, 85.40. Ry
doi:10.12693/aphyspola.101.743 fatcat:upk7jekr2vghjg43pz2cmk5c2i