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1980 European Neurology  
Advances in Cerebral Angiography Springer, Berlin 1975 XVI + 375 pp., 222 fig.; DM 59.80 ISBN 3-540-07569-0 This paperback contains the proceedings of a scientific meeting held in 1975. 55 communications include topics on recent findings in cerebral angiography. They are grouped under 9 main headings: angiograph-ic-anatomic studies, technical improvements, embolizations of intra-and extracranial arteries, brain circulation, stereotaxic angiography, pediatric pathology and computerized
more » ... . Two headings contain more or less related subjects: cavernous sinus pathology, orbital pathology and congenital anomalies, venous pathology and brain injuries. The book is informative especially concerning angiographic-anatomic studies and concerning new embolization techniques. It can be highly recommended to anyone interested in these aspects of neuroradiology. U. Wiggli, Basel J. Finke und R. Tolle (Hrsg.) Aktuelle Neurologie und Psychiatrie, Band 3 Springer, Berlin 1978 XII + 314 pp., 77 fig., 18 tab.; DM 78.-ISBN3-540-08701-X
doi:10.1159/000115138 fatcat:3r2xpkdf4bc6ffkrc34jey3fmi