Emission of thermal photons and the equilibration time in heavy-ion collisions

Thorsten Renk
2003 Physical Review C  
The emission of hard real photons from thermalized expanding hadronic matter is dominated by the initial high-temperature expansion phase. Therefore, a measurement of photon emission in ultrarelativistic heavy-ion collisions provides valuable insights into the early conditions realized in such a collision. In particular, the initial temperature of the expanding fireball or equivalently the equilibration time of the strongly interacting matter are of great interest. An accurate determination of
more » ... hese quantities could help to answer the question whether or not partonic matter (the quark gluon plasma) is created in such collisions. In this work, we investigate the emission of real photons using a model which is based on the thermodynamics of QCD matter and which has been shown to reproduce a large variety of other observables. With the fireball evolution fixed beforehand, we are able to extract limits for the equilibration time by a comparison with photon emission data measured by WA98.
doi:10.1103/physrevc.67.064901 fatcat:poxj4ygbwzeqhamjxbuozcudh4