Copper Strip Surface Defect Detection Model Based on Deep Convolutional Neural Network

Yanghuan Xu, Dongcheng Wang, Bowei Duan, Huaxin Yu, Hongmin Liu
2021 Applied Sciences  
Surface defect automatic detection has great significance for copper strip production. The traditional machine vision for surface defect automatic detection of copper strip needs artificial feature design, which has a long cycle, and poor ability of versatility and robustness. However, deep learning can effectively solve these problems. Therefore, based on the deep convolution neural network and the transfer learning strategy, an intelligent recognition model of surface defects of copper strip
more » ... s established in this paper. Firstly, the defects were classified in accordance with the mechanism and morphology, and the surface defect dataset of copper strip was established by comprehensively adopting image acquisition and image augmentation. Then, a two-class discrimination model was established to achieve the accurate discrimination of perfect and defect images. On this basis, four CNN models were adopted for the recognition of defect images. Among these models, the EfficientNet model through transfer learning strategy had the best comprehensive performance with a recognition accuracy rate of 93.05%. Finally, the interpretability and deficiency of the model were analysed by the class activation map and confusion matrix, which point toward the direction of further optimization for future research.
doi:10.3390/app11198945 fatcat:gltw6otkevc7jdphuptb6cpkni