XLII.—Descriptions of Exotic Fungi in the collection of Sir W. J. Hooker, from Memoirs and Notes of J. F. Klotzsch, with Additions and Corrections

M. J. Berkeley
1839 Annals and Magazine of Natural History  
Downloaded by [Xiamen University] at 16:27 04 September 2015 Rev. 31. J. Bcrkclcy on E.ro/ic Fungi. I'tccilopl~nsin mnrginata, B1;rcaria liturata. PLdTYPTERICIDfE. Cilii iniyrcssa. lung, so \vie zu dcr wcnigcn in1 Linneischen IIcrbntium rorlinndcncn llilzriil rrcbst Aufslcllung ciniger anslki~rdischcrr Gnttungcn uiid Artcn, 1832. Fungi cxotici e collcctionibus Uritaniioruin anctore Klolzscli, 1833. Downloaded by [Xiamen University] at 16:27 04 September 2015 Rev. 11. J. I3crkclcy O?L Exotic
more » ... igi. 311 tifully coiincctcd by strong veins, as in the scctioii Citlodontcs. Stem 3 inchcs Iiigli, ahout tn-o lines thick. AppnrcliIIy iicarly rclatcd to A. aelittipcs, but I bclicrc truly distinqt. Tlic stein is not always rootingy but ncithcr is this constantly tIic casc in that spccics. On trunks of trees. Brazil. Hook. Hcrb. 2. A~Q I -~c~M (Lcucosp. Myc. IIypwcy5. (Leuc. Oniph. MJC. 33.)) unibrnczilunz, K1. in Linn. vol. riii. 1). 478. Ag. (ColIy-Lia) zintbrnczikcitus, K1. in Hook. I-Icrb. Pilcus convcs, umbilicatc, slightly striate, mcmbranaccous, somcwhat tayny (fiuccscciztc-nlh, KI.) ; gills when dry tan-colourctl dccurrent j stcm fistdose, bq-, cstrcmcly viscid, confluent at the bnsc and blackisli. Stem 2-9; inclics liigli, cvcn. I'ilcus subnicnibranaccous, 3-4 lin. brond, tougli. Gills rather distant, sonictimcs dichotomous near thc margin. Fasciculatc. On trunks of trces. Llauritins. hIr. Tclfair. This spccics bzlongs clearly, as to habit, to the section Hyyrocgboidcrc of thc subgenus Hycena. 11. Klotzsch appcnrs not to have suspected this and tlicrcforc did iiot moisten thc stcm, which drips whcn n-ct ivitli pcllucid sliinc like Ag. 1'0ridus. Tlic pilcus lias ratlicr a tawny than fuscous huc; the gills in the recent plant ore probably ncarly wliitc. It appears vciy ncarly allied to A j . roriclus, p. stillniis. Pilcus tougIiy cntirc, infimlibuliform, rcd-brown, s~~rinl~led, cspecially towards tllc niargin with minute sctulosc scalcs ; margin sliglitly wavc(1, thin, subinvolutc. Gills nai-row, dccusrcnt, cntirc, Ecnrccly anastomosing at the base. Stem short, clothed with coarsc, d v c tyy fmn-colourcd pubescence. P i h s ?: -inches broad, iicnrly of tlic sanic colour as A j . CQCc k m , apparently very obscurely zoncd ; gills crisp whcii dry and wood-coloured, running down till thcy are lost amongst the down of thc stcm. thick, rather sq-ollcn at the basc. This specics appears to be iicnrly allied to Ag. aelutinus, Fs. in Linn., and for the snnic reason is pInccd in the subgenus O n y h l i u , tho~Igh its aflinitics arc with Plcuropis. 'i'he gills arc crisp wlicn dry and critirc j tlic habit too rcniovcs it from Lciitiizz(s. 3. A. (Oq.dtalia) strigellus, Ucrk. Stem 1 inch Iiigll, Ann. Ard. IIisl. F' ol. 3. KO. 19. h g . 1830. 3 F. Downloaded by [Xiamen University] at 16:27 04 September 2015 2. L. (Mesop.) villoszts, K1. 1. c. Brovin ; pilcus coriaccoiis, infundibuliform, clothed with vcry dcnse s t i + $ . hairs ; gills narrow, entire, very distant, dcClilTCllt, all cnding togcthcr abruptly; stcm firm, villous, dilatcrl at thc apcs. Stcm hireute, 2 inches high, 3-4 lincs thick. Pilcus 2 inclics broad with the margin involute, clotlicd with straight, not sqiiwrosc, nor curled hairs. O n trunks of trccs. Mauritius. hfr. Tclfiiir. 3. L. (lIfC80p.) slz~eus, K1. 1. c. p. 480. Bay ; pilcus dccply umbilicatc, clotlicd with very crondcd squarrosc hairs ; mnrgin involutc j gills croit-dccl, dcnticulatc, dcciirrcnt, id1 intcrrupterl Downloaded by [Xiamen University] at 16:27 04 September 2015 Ilerb. Specinicn unicurn. Allied to D. apphmdu, KI., and D.polifn, Fr. in Linn. Downloaded by [Xiamen University] at 16:27 04 September 2015
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