Three-dimensional reconstruction of systematic histological sections: application to observations on palatal shelf elevation

Weilong Liu, Xiaoming Wang, Yinuo Wang, Yahong Wang, Jing Zhang, Bing Shi, Chenghao Li
2021 International Journal of Oral Science  
AbstractNormal mammalian secondary palate development undergoes a series of processes, including palatal shelf (PS) growth, elevation, adhesion and fusion, and palatal bone formation. It has been estimated that more than 90% of isolated cleft palate is caused by defects associated with the elevation process. However, because of the rapidly completed elevation process, the entire process of elevation will never be easy to clarify. In this article, we present a novel method for three-dimensional
more » ... 3D) reconstruction of thick tissue blocks from two-dimensional (2D) histological sections. We established multiplanar sections of the palate and tongue in coronal and sagittal directions, and further performed 3D reconstruction to observe the morphological interaction and connection between the two components prior to and during elevation. The method completes an imaging system for simultaneous morphological analysis of thick tissue samples using both synthetic and real data. The new method will provide a comprehensive picture of reorientation morphology and gene expression pattern during the palatal elevation process.
doi:10.1038/s41368-021-00122-8 pmid:34039957 fatcat:ogaksufhanb25ehpu7zavhst2u