Arrangement of Item Layout and Shopping Package Recommendations in Niki Laris Swalayan Using Double FP-Growth and Profit Percentage Value

2020 International Journal of Advanced Trends in Computer Science and Engineering  
The retail industry is an industry that has very high competition. The number of retail businesses has increased, which has led to heightened competition among retail companies. Competition between retail companies is centered on consumers' struggle, which is one of the main pillars in the company's survival. Niki Laris Swalayan also faces this competition. This competition requires management to innovate in service to consumers. One of the management strategies to maintain customer loyalty is
more » ... ustomer loyalty is to provide good service. This strategy is deemed less impactful for Niki Laris Swalayan. New strategies are needed to make a big impact. Recommendations for the layout of goods and recommendations for shopping packages are considered to have a big impact on increasing customer satisfaction and making these consumers loyal. Currently, Niki Laris Swalayan conducts product layout and promotions based solely on feelings and promos from distributors. We will use the Double FP-Growth method and the Percentage of Profit Value in recommending the layout of goods and recommendations for this shopping package. This method is considered to provide optimal results. The combination of these two methods will be evaluated by distributing questionnaires to consumers and internally to provide an overview of the changes that have occurred before and after the implementation of the recommendations given. After implementing the recommendations of this study, the results obtained are that there are positive changes after implementing the recommendations for the layout of the goods and the recommendations for the shopping packages given. This method proved to be more optimal than the method previously applied by the management of Niki Laris Swalayan.
doi:10.30534/ijatcse/2020/308952020 fatcat:4cmdltwwffbcne6yifmvn3mxku