Modeling electromagnetic fields detectability in a HH-like neuronal system: stochastic resonance and window behavior

Matteo Giannì, Micaela Liberti, Francesca Apollonio, Guglielmo D'Inzeo
2005 Biological cybernetics  
Biological noise has already been shown to play a constructive role in neuronal processing and reliability, according to a phenomenon known as stochastic resonance (SR). This phenomenon has been previously observed by the authors in the detection of electromagnetic (EM) fields in the case of an additive white Gaussian input, roughly approximating the ensemble of noise sources. Recently, attention has been devoted to channel noise which plays a significant role in neuronal processing, being at
more » ... e basis of some well-known behaviors like response unreliability, missing spikes during firing, or spontaneous action potentials in resting state. Here, an HH-like neuronal model is set up and accurate channels stochastic models are adopted to investigate possible noise-induced enhancements in the detection of EM fields.
doi:10.1007/s00422-005-0029-5 pmid:16369796 fatcat:t4bh2czlxzdrzl42a2utt2mgji