Motor Neurons [entry]

Jorn Hounsgaard
2017 Comprehensive Physiology   unpublished
Motor neurons translate synaptic input from widely distributed premotor networks into patterns of action potentials that orchestrate motor unit force and motor behavior. Intercalated between the CNS and muscles, motor neurons add to and adjust the final motor command. The identity and functional properties of this facility in the path from synaptic sites to the motor axon is reviewed with emphasis on voltage sensitive ion channels and regulatory metabotropic transmitter pathways. The catalog of
more » ... ays. The catalog of the intrinsic response properties, their underlying mechanisms, and regulation obtained from motoneurons in in vitro preparations is far from complete. Nevertheless, a foundation has been provided for pursuing functional significance of intrinsic response properties in motoneurons in vivo during motor behavior at levels from molecules to systems.
doi:10.1002/cphy.c160025 pmid:28333379 fatcat:2fyqxmokhffcdgycadiitdoapq