A model for the biomass–density dynamics of seagrasses developed and calibrated on global data

Vasco M. N. C. S. Vieira, Inês E. Lopes, Joel C. Creed
2019 BMC Ecology  
Seagrasses are foundation species in estuarine and lagoon systems, providing a wide array of services for the ecosystem and the human population. Understanding the dynamics of their stands is essential in order to better assess natural and anthropogenic impacts. It is usually considered that healthy seagrasses aim to maximize their stand biomass (g DW m-2) which may be constrained by resource availability i.e., the local environment sets a carrying capacity. Recently, this paradigm has been
more » ... ed and reassessed, and it is believed that seagrasses actually maximize their efficiency of space occupation-i.e., aim to reach an interspecific boundary line (IBL)-as quick as possible. This requires that they simultaneously grow in biomass and iterate new shoots to increase density. However, this strategy depresses their biomass potential.
doi:10.1186/s12898-019-0221-4 pmid:30683077 pmcid:PMC6346591 fatcat:qqupnjdkprdyblqq4kfikfufj4