Susan Henczel, Hans-Christoph Hobohm
2004 Knowledge Management  
Introduction Knowledge is universally recognized as the most important strategic asset that an organisation has. Despite this recognition many information units are being closed or downsized and organisations are encouraging information users to acquire, control and manage their own resources that support knowledge creation and development. Controlling the acquisition of, and access to, information resources is becoming increasingly difficult as vendors bypass the information professionals and
more » ... arket directly to the end-user. Compounding this problem is the availability of information in a multitude of formats and the exponential growth in the number of products available. This necessitates a higher level of evaluation and control to ensure that quality information is available to those who need it. Because of this proliferation of information products and delivery methods, information users within organisations are suffering from 'information overload' and in many cases are using a variety of resources to gather their information, some of which may be not be the appropriate for their needs. Many organisations are structured in such a way that the business units operate independently of one another, yet they rely on similar information resources. Some operate without the resources they need because they don't know where to find them, while others engage in 'information overkill' and purchase anything that looks like it might be relevant. Consequently there are often significant gaps, inconsistencies and duplications in information resources within an organisation. As well as ensuring that the appropriate information is provided, there must be a clear and visible alignment of the information that is acquired by the information users with the organisational or business unit objectives. The challenge for today's information professional is to identify the information that is needed to optimize
doi:10.1515/9783110955071.91 fatcat:yvybbh7nirgfbcylmjsa23mli4