Molekül- und Kristallstruktur des Aluminium-tris(dibenzoylphosphid)s (Bildung und Eigenschaften von Acylphosphinen ; 4) [article]

Gerd Becker, Horst P. Beck, Universität Stuttgart, Universität Stuttgart
The reaction of NaAl(PH2)4 with benzoyl chloride does not yield benzoyl phosphines (C6H5-CO-)xPH3−x, but aluminium-tris(dibenzoylphosphide). The compound crystallizes in the space group P1 with two molecules in the unit cell. As shown by X-ray structure determination the aluminium atom is octahedrally surrounded by six oxygen atoms of three dibenzoyl phosphide anions (C6H5-CO-)2P−. The angles in the chelate ring are compared with the corresponding values of dipivaloyl phosphine and other
more » ... ne and other β-diketonates. The interatomic PC distance is shortened (1.77 Å); Al-O (1.87 Å), C-O (1,26 Å) and intramolecular O-O distances ("bite"; 2.66 Å) are similar to those of other β-diketonates. The bonds from the carbonyl-C atoms are also found to lie in a plane. Unlike the conformation of the chelate rings in the carbon-β-diketonates the corresponding phosphorus atom leaves the plane defined by the atoms of the carbonyl group.
doi:10.18419/opus-7380 fatcat:zvcgilk6hbe6vkkycbw22yukam