Control of body size by SMA-5, a homolog of MAP kinase BMK1/ERK5, in C. elegans

N. Watanabe
2005 Development  
decreased; however, the DNA content of the intestinal nuclei is unchanged in the sma-5 mutant. The sma-5 gene is expressed in intestine, excretory cell and hypodermis, and encodes homologs of a mammalian MAP kinase BMK1/ERK5/MAPK7, which was reported to control cell cycle and cell proliferation. Expression of the sma-5 gene in hypodermis is important for body size control, and it can function both organ-autonomously and non-autonomously. We propose that the sma-5 gene functions in a MAP kinase
more » ... ns in a MAP kinase pathway to regulate body size mainly through control of cell growth.
doi:10.1242/dev.01895 pmid:15944183 fatcat:jdmr47netnhinjx5qmkovwmuh4