Identification of Hazards and Safety Measures in Food Processing Industry

The investigation of this study mainly target the food manufacturing machinery equipment's by conducting the risk assessment to identify high potential risk areas . The Risk assessment was carried out by using a tool known as MACHINE SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT (MSRA) (Machine Safety Risk Assessment) .The focus of the work is an analysis of work demands being placed on Food manufacturing industry to the Limited workers, as there is a potential problems. MACHINE SAFETY RISK ASSESSMENT (MSRA) tool
more » ... s to identify the problems in a machine by directly investigating with the workers. In this investigation some major 25 machineries are taken for the assessments purpose. With the help of this investigations the major high potential hazards and most potential machinery areas can be easily identified. The results of this machinery risk assessments should be communicated to all relevant persons or groups who were not themselves involved in completing the assessment. Depending on the nature and scope of the assessment, this could include personnel directly involved in the activities, as well as those responsible for supervising or managing the activities. Communication is typically best carried out by the individual(s) who lead the risk assessment. The assessment concludes about 54% of hazards are happened due to the packing machinery sections, 24% of accidents causes in mixing machinery units while the oven and loading area reaches 10 to 12% of the accidents in the food manufacturing plants.
doi:10.35940/ijitee.b1071.1292s219 fatcat:o3dclzwv3vcojogomjvu4l3dsu