Intelligent transport systems deployment in Thessaloniki: Assessment of costs and benefits

Evangelos Mitsakis, Panagiotis Iordanopoulos, Evangelos Mintsis, Sokratis Mamarikas, Georgia Aifadopoulou
2015 Spatium  
Transportation projects often require large initial investments and are expected to generate benefits extending far into the future. Thus, there is a need to compare benefits and costs that occur at different periods over time. Since money has a time value, the same amount of money at different time periods does not have the same value. Therefore, it is important to convert costs and benefits into equivalent values when conducting a Cost-Benefit Analysis (CBA). A special category of
more » ... gory of transportation projects is that of Intelligent Transport Systems (ITS). ITS comprise innovative solutions for travel demand and traffic management, and it is expected to play a key role in future sustainable urban development plans. Compared to other transportation projects, ITS have a lower initial investment. In this paper a framework based on a CBA is presented, assessing costs and benefits of three ITS projects implemented in Thessaloniki, Greece. The paper refers to future developments of ITS in the city of Thessaloniki. The examined systems have already been developed as demonstration systems in various regions throughout Europe. The benefits of the systems have been transferred and scaled up, so as to be in line with the specific characteristics of the Greek environment.
doi:10.2298/spat1533026m fatcat:pg2b2ofmrvdgbbuvgmnfkspef4