Post-partum Anoestrus in Bali cattle under low-input animal production systems in Eastern Indonesia [thesis]

Ilyas Mumu
Bali cows (Bos javanicus) are a common breed in Indonesia and are favoured by smallholders for their size and ease of husbandry. However reproduction rates can be low in some areas and poor nutritional and reproductive management including poor mating management, low availability of genetically superior bulls, poor oestrous detection, poor Artificial Insemination (AI) procedures and poor availability of inseminators at the proper time are crucial issues which are likely to affect this. This
more » ... is examined factors affecting post-partum anoestrus (PPA) and inter-calving interval (ICI) in Bali cows and heifers. This was examined by using large data sets to I acknowledge that an electronic copy of my thesis must be lodged with the University Library and, subject to the policy and procedures of The University of Queensland, the thesis be made available for research and study in accordance with the Copyright Act 1968 unless a period of embargo has been approved by the Dean of the Graduate School.
doi:10.14264/uql.2017.723 fatcat:filya3dfmzbnfo2dq3d3ptuwrm