An adaptive mesh refinement in the finite volume method

E.V. Avdeev, V.A. Fursov, V.A. Ovchinnikov
2015 Proceedings of International Conference Information Technology and Nanotechnology (ITNT-2015)   unpublished
In this paper we describe the method of adaptive mesh refinement, based on the estimation of eigenvalues of discretization matrix. This estimation based on Gershgorin Circle Theorem. This method can be used for unstructured meshes in two-dimensional problems as well as and in three-dimensional. The implementation of the grid adaptation algorithm was made within OpenFOAM open source library of continuum mechanics. This library consists of a set of modules for computational needs, modules written
more » ... ds, modules written in C++. We give two numerical examples, which show the effectiveness of the proposed method of mesh adaptation. Citation: Avdeev E.V., Fursov V.A Ovchinnikov V.A. An adaptive mesh refinement in the finite volume method.
doi:10.18287/1613-0073-2015-1490-234-241 fatcat:y33imziylzcsje37puymonsuf4