Study the effects of MgO nanoparticle addition on superconducting characteristics of Bi1.6 Ag0.4Sr1.9Ba0.1Ca2Cu3O10+δ system

A. S. Baqi, College of science, University of Kirkuk, Iraq, N. S. Abed, S. J. Fathi, Directore of Education of Kirkuk, Kirkuk, Iraq, College of science, University of Kirkuk, Iraq
2022 Journal of Ovonic Research  
In the present work, impacts adding magnesium oxide (MgO) powders with a mean particle size <100nm to Bi2223 superconducting system have been researched. The bulk samples with a general Bi1.6 Ag0.4Sr1.9Ba0.1Ca2Cu3O10+δ + (MgO)x nominal composition formula (x = 0, 0.1, 0.2, and 0.3wt%) have been made through the traditional solid state reaction approach. Hole concentration (p) and Critical temperature (Tc) of the nano MgO added samples have been specified through 4 probe techniques. X-ray powder
more » ... diffraction (XRD) measurement has been utilized for examining the formation of the phase, lattice parameters and volume fraction. The results of the XRD had shown that lattice parameters are changed with the increase of the addition of the nano Mg. It has been observed as well from the measurements of the XRD that volume fraction of Bi2223 phase is increased with the increase in the addition of the nano Mg. Bi2223 phase volume fraction for non-added sample had shown that the maximum value as 77% and additionally increasing the nano MgO, Bi2223 phase's volume fraction is increased with the increase in the Bi2212 phase. The sample with addition of 0.3wt% MgO had shown the maximum Bi2223 phase volume fraction (about 80%) and maximum super-conducting transition temperature, Tc (up to 141K) in comparison with added samples with the nano MgO.
doi:10.15251/jor.2022.182.273 fatcat:wedzjpwufrf4bomsjaepdoflr4