V. S. Kosorukov, E. N. Kosobokova, M. V. Pinyugina, M. A. Sevostyanova, A. I. Scherbakov, N. V. Andronova, E. Sh. Solomko, E. V. Sheshukova, E. M. Treschalina, Yu. L. Dorokhov
2015 Российский Биотерапевтический Журнал  
Pharmaceuticals derived from plants, have become one of the leading commercial directions in modern biotechnology. The benefits that offer these technologies, cannot be matched with any other modern technology for producing drugs from recombinant proteins. Main advantages of plant technologies for production of proteins are easy scalability, efficiency, bio-safety, ease of cultivation and collection of biological material. This approach promises to be the most perspective for production of a
more » ... production of a wide range of drug substances and vaccines. In current investigation we have analyzed in vitro and in vivo biological activity of plant-derived anti-HER2 recombinant antibodies - phytotrastuzumab. Phytotrastuzumab and trastuzumab have similar activity in grows suppression of breast cancer cells overexpressing HER2 in-vitro and were active in suppression of xenografted tumors SK-BR-3 in-vivo.
doi:10.17650/1726-9784-2015-14-2-105-112 fatcat:slpgbndaurhtjnav3pbpnmxqei