Creating Inclusive Learning Environments for Urban First Nations, Métis and Inuit Students

Pamela Sparklingeyes
2008 unpublished
Research conducted by Edmonton Catholic Schools has demonstrated that the majority of Edmonton's First Nations, Metis and Inuit families prefer to send their children to inclusive schools within their geographical neighbourhoods. Therefore, the District has implemented Aboriginal Learning Services in to ensure that neighbourhood schools are fully responsive to the needs of FNMI students in inclusive settings. The District recognizes that FNMI students are more likely to be holistic, kinesthetic
more » ... listic, kinesthetic learners who prefer reflective, visual styles of processing and respond to learning environments that honour cultural values. Over the past seven years, the department has implemented a series of promising practices providing schools with culturally relevant educational supports in the areas of curricular adaptations, professional development, educational resources, liaison services and cultural programming. By supporting schools in the creation culturally welcoming environments, FNMI students have experienced an increased sense of belonging and mastery thus positively influencing the Districts ability to support, retain and graduate FNMI students.