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14A visitor who would visit the Johannesburg Public Li brary and go to the Africana section would almost inevitab-! ly be very much surprised at the vast amount of literature in English that exists not; only about South Africa but I other African countries," as serts Dr. Joseph Jones. Dr. Jones will investigate the "Literature and Society in I South Africa" in a speech at 4 p.m. Wednesday in t h e Texas Union Auditorium. the story. The story of Royal can I only be told from deep down. It * the
more » ... an who patiently tells a player how to block how to run a play-it * the m an who swings | his sock* round and round to dry I his feet after hi* shower, closing , out a long day. | But Royal ha* two portraitsthe Royal with tears The man who kept thinking Texas would get I tho*# seven point* against TOU. H# was cut, hurt deeply-but he fought back-and he stood In the AUSTIN tin -Four-year statu* Cotton Bowl dressing room with with full support from stat# fund* different tears inside was recommended for San Angelo H# couldn't remember what the College and Pan American College score was-12 or 14-but it really Monday by the Texas Commission 1 didn't matter. on Higher Education. ; And now it'* his day. Th# tower Th# commission said its recom-h«'s turned orange 39 times, half* mendation should be placed In ef-w ang# twice, and left white only feet in 1965. 13 time# -will beam bright orange The twin decisions placed to# *** },'* honor Tuesday? commission on record as ignoring _ R e Ex-Students Association the advice of its staff. The San Bftn<iuet Tuesday at 7 p.m. fn the Angelo recommendation passed IO-, onn * Room of the Commo-5, the Pan American 11-4, I c^r * Hwry Hotel. Blackie Sherrod, Legislative approval ta r^deC °f 'he Di" to pm rh. schools ta the state u s and vvrp ^, . lem dent Of tn* football Writers As-' _ . ^ J soda hon of America, will present The stat? report Mid the need ,h. 1M1 O s .c , * th , y eRr award for a four-year, st# ie-support ad to Roygj S *' fh" G / l L J ? J T Z ,-nd,r goal p o ." of th . Cot. t o it e d . . the cost per tattt woo!') VM I Bowl, the 'Horn mentor hod be^unjustifiably high i t not pro-..Id he hoped It wasn't premature h,h",ve He alw ay, w a, a pessim ist. ' The Pan American report had He ll se# th# Cotton Bowl troalmost identical wording. Pan phy presented to the tea m --heTI American, at Edinburg, now is a se# Gotten and Moses named out-JFK, Party Heads Meet WASHINGTON (ft -P resid en t Kennedy got together Monday with Republican and Democratic lead er* for a unity teas ion on world trouble spot#. I a ter the Republi can# served notice they will con-Hone to fight #om« of Kennedy • dom estic proposal*.
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