Emergence of the "Korean Wave" and Its Influence on Bangladesh

Shahina Akter SHALLY
Over the past decade, Korean popular culture has been seen to spread throughout the world. Along with the globalization of Korean culture, cultural hybridization is also happening simultaneously. The rapid popularity of Korean wave in recent years and its influence all over the world are impossible to avoid. The recent influence of Korean wave is also highly noticeable in Bangladesh where the wave has started to spread its impacts. The study investigates how far Korean wave's influence has
more » ... ed in Bangladesh focusing on Bangladeshi youth as they are the major consumers of the Korean wave. This paper follows the qualitative method and uses participant observation and indepth interviews to look into the possible behavioral changes like fashion, make-up, language use, following certain values etc. of Bangladeshi youths influenced by Korean wave. The study argues that hybridity of Korean culture that has similar historical and cultural backgrounds and also shows contemporary modernity are promoting the popularity of Korean popular culture in Bangladesh. The study further argues that the continuous consumption and the increasing attraction towards Korean culture are creating a blend of Korean and Bangladeshi culture which is leading to cultural hybridization.
doi:10.34382/00011992 fatcat:kr2np2pwevd53n4273477j4yya