"La Intrusa" de Borges – Una lectura desde la producción de sentido

Darío Gómez-Sánchez
2018 Grafía  
The following article proposes a reading of the story "La Intrusa" by J.L. Borges from the perspective of the production of meaning, making use of some concepts related to textual linguistics such as microstructure and thematization, macroact and presupposition, implicit reader and intertextuality; as well as some notions of narratology, especially those referring to the levels of history, narration and narration. The analysis also proposes a characterization of the literary text as a space of fusion between the particular and the general.
doi:10.26564/16926250.795 doaj:89df995bce774ce79ea840be9817f9cd fatcat:6ijytp447bbejg5twyoqivaopm