Micro-Metallurgy of Splats: Theory, Computer Simulation and Experiment

Oleg Pavlovich SOLONENKO, Vladimir Vladimirovich KUDINOV, Andrey Vladimirovich SMIRNOV, Anatoly Nikolaevich CHEREPANOV, Vladimir Nikolaevich POPOV, Alexander Anatol'yevich MIKHALCHENKO, Evgeny Vladimirovich KARTAEV
2005 JSME international journal. Series B, Fluids and thermal engineering  
Over the last one and half decades the constantly growing interest to a problem of rapid solidifying the melted micro-droplets of various materials at their impact with a surface has been marked. This phenomenon is at the basis of many technologies, such as plasma, detonation and flame spraying, arc-spray, spray-casting, micro-atomization of powders, solder-drop-printing in microelectronic, making the microcrystal and amorphous materials, and producing the high-temperature superconductors. The
more » ... ystem micro-droplet -substrate is very suitable for a physical materials science in studies of the non-equilibrium phase diagrams of different alloys and composite materials under extreme conditions. Practically speaking we have dealings with independent scientific and technological line of investigation -micrometallurgy of a small volume of melt at its collision with an obstacle surface or, in other words, splats' micro-metallurgy. The paper presented is devoted to a brief review of theoretical, computational and experimental investigations carried out by composite authors during the last decade.
doi:10.1299/jsmeb.48.366 fatcat:l4ifvht3rvbmhlsw2zw3kvex44