A New Approach to Free-form Cluster Lens Modeling Inspired by the JPEG Image Compression Method

Daniel Lam
2019 Publications of the Astronomical Society of the Pacific  
I propose a new approach to free-form cluster lens modeling that is inspired by the JPEG image compression method. This approach is motivated specifically by the need for accurate modeling of high-magnification regions in galaxy clusters. Existing modeling methods may struggle in these regions due to their limited flexibility in the parametrization of the lens, even for a wide variety of free-form methods. This limitation especially hinders the characterization of faint galaxies at high
more » ... s, which have important implications for the formation of the first galaxies and even for the nature of dark matter. JPEG images are extremely accurate representations of their original, uncompressed counterparts but use only a fraction of number of parameters to represent that information. Its relevance is immediately obvious to cluster lens modeling. Using this technique, it is possible to construct flexible models that are capable of accurately reproducing the true mass distribution using only a small number of free parameters. Transferring this well-proven technology to cluster lens modeling, I demonstrate that this 'JPEG parametrization' is indeed flexible enough to accurately approximate an N-body simulated cluster.
doi:10.1088/1538-3873/ab35c0 fatcat:kki5ojrh2fdrnavxtzf2qapz7q