Electrical Parameters Investigation and Zero Flow Rate Effect of Nitrogen Atmospheric Nonthermal Plasma Jet

T. M. Allam, S. A. Ward, H. A. El-sayed, E. M. Saied, H. M. Soliman, K. M. Ahmed
2014 Energy and Power Engineering  
The construction and operation of atmospheric nonthermal plasma jet, ANPJ, are presented in this work as well as the experimental investigations of its electrical parameters, the configuration of plasma jet column and its temperature. The device is energized by a low-cost Neon power supply of (10 kV, 30 mA, and 20 kHz) and the discharge takes place by using N2 gas with different flow rates from 3 to 25 L/min and input voltage of 6 kV. Diagnostic techniques such as voltage divider, Lissajous
more » ... re, image processing and thermometer are used. The electrical characteristics of discharge at different flow rates of N2 gas such as discharge voltage, current, mean power, power efficiency, and mean energy have been studied. The experimental results show that the maximum plasma jet length of 14 mm is detected at flow rate of 12 L/min. The results of plasma jet (heavy particles) temperature along the jet length show that jet plasma has approximately a room temperature at the jet column end. The results of zero flow rate effect on the ANPJ operation show damage in the Teflon insulator and a corrosion in the Aluminum electrodes.
doi:10.4236/epe.2014.612036 fatcat:h2gdivfwwjasdc4m5qppaabsx4