C.V. Naidu, A.R. Reddy, M. Masthan, P.S. Anand, S.H. Reddy, K.V. Saritha
2007 Acta Horticulturae  
Journal homepage: http://www.ijcmas.com Cluster front line demonstrations were organized in sunflower crop under NMOOP-2016 to enhance the productivity and profitability by demonstrating Best Management Practices (BMP's) about 24 ha area in farmer's fields of KVK operational villages namely Kumarampalli village of Vempalli mandal and Jogireddypalli of Chakrayapeta mandal of Y.S.R district of Andhra Pradesh through participatory approach. KVK scientists demonstrated the BMP's viz., Sowing of
more » ... viz., Sowing of only two seeds per hill under Ridge and furrow system; Adopted Integrated Nutrient Practices viz., 75-90-30 N-P 2 O 5 -K 2 O, Neem cake powder @ 500 kg/ha, PSB @ 5 kg/ha, Sulphur granules @ 25 kg/ha, Boron @ 5 kg/ha and Zinc (12%) @ 2.25 kg/ha; Soil Application of Trichoderma viride @ 2.5 kg/ha to prevent fungal diseases; Maintained optimum Crop stand by adopting Thinning practice at 15 DAS by keeping one seedling per hill; Adopted Integrated management practices for the management of Necrosis viral disease viz., Border crop with four rows of Jowar, Parthenium eradication around the demonstrated fields on participatory approach and Vector control by spraying Monocrotophos @ 1.6 ml/lit at 20, 40 DAS and Imidachloprid @ 0.4 ml/lit at 50 DAS; Prophylactic spraying of Hexaconazol @ 2 ml/lit for Alternaria leaf spot against farmer's cultivation practices namely sowing 4-5 seeds per hill, complex fertilizer (28-28-0) application, no border crop and no pesticide sprays up to 60DAS etc. The average yield of 1371 kg/ha was recorded in demonstration practice and which is 30.5 percent higher than the farmer's cultivation practice and also 69.8 percent and 110 percent higher than the district (809 kg/ha) and state average productivity(650 kg/ha) respectively. The highest net returns of Rs 15985/-per ha was recorded in demonstration practice against loss of Rs.6151/-per ha by farmer's practice and also Rs. 7500/per ha was saved by adoption of BMP's versus farmers practice of sunflower cultivation.
doi:10.17660/actahortic.2007.756.25 fatcat:vgjqjgds3zfkbbwc4zut2sffcu