InGaAs/AlInGaAs THz quantum cascade lasers operating up to 195 K in strong magnetic field

Jérôme Faist, Federico Valmorra, Giacomo Scalari, Keita Ohtani, Mattias Beck
Terahertz quantum cascade lasers based on InGaAs wells and quaternary AlInGaAs barriers were measured in magnetic field. This study was carried out on a four-quantum-well active-region design with photon energy of 14.3 meV processed with both Au and Cu waveguides. The heterostructure operates up to 148 K at B = 0 T in a Cu waveguide. The complete magneto-spectroscopic study allowed the comparison of emission and transport data. Increasing the magnetic field, the low effective mass of the InGaAs
more » ... mass of the InGaAs wells allowed us to reach the very strong confinement regime. At B = 12 T, where the cyclotron transition is almost resonant with the LO-phonon, we recorded a maximum operating temperature of 195 K for the devices with Cu waveguide. Additional lasing at 5.9 meV was detected for magnetic fields between 7.3 and 7.7 T.
doi:10.3929/ethz-b-000100582 fatcat:tycn5jrc55alnmzemox2eamjqe