Light signals from spin one tensor dark matter

Selim Gómez-Ávila, Lao-Tse López-Lozano, José Carlos Olvera-Meneses
2019 PÄDI Boletín Científico de Ciencias Básicas e Ingenierías del ICBI  
In this work we report on some observables associated with the annihilation of dark matter, modeled as a spin one real field in the antisymmetric tensor representation. This formulation has the interesting feature that stability is achieved without the introductionof ad hoc symmetries, as reported by Cata and Ibarra in 2014. In this model, the coupling to photons ocurrs through a Higgs portal term. The expression for the cross section in the photon scattering is calculated as well as their energy and the gamma ray flux.
doi:10.29057/icbi.v7i13.3634 fatcat:f7cf4msvrzhqdo55v23iq45wke