High Speed All-Optical Logic Gate Using QD-SOA and its Application [post]

Shuai Zhao, Hongyu Hu
2017 unpublished
The scheme to realize high speed (~250Gb/s) all-optical Boolean logic gates using semiconductor optica amplifiers with quantum-dot (QD-SOA) is introduced and analyzed in this review. Numerical simulation method was presented by solving the rate equation and taking into account nonlinear dynamics including carrier heating and spectral hole-burning. Binary phase shift keyed (BPSK) signal and on-off keyed signal are used to generate high speed all-optical logic gates. The applications based on
more » ... ations based on all-optical logic gates such as, all-optical latches, pseudo random bit sequence (PRBS) generation and all-optical encryption, are also discussed in this review. Results show that the scheme based on QD-SOA is a promising method for the realization of high speed all-optical communication system in the future.
doi:10.20944/preprints201706.0101.v1 fatcat:utiasxpytfe6vcynup4kp4ngmi