Le projet de réglementation Reach et ses liens avec la lipochimie

Lionel Godefroy
2006 Oléagineux, Corps gras, Lipides  
This paper is showing the possible impact of the EU REACh draft regulation on the lipochemistry. The REACh regulation is quickly described. If quite a lot of oleochemicals are potentially outside the scope of REACh, (Annex 4...) and notably products used in food area, a lot of other oleochemicals will fall into its scope and will have to go the full REACh process: Registration, Evaluation and even possibly Authorisation steps for these Chemicals. An estimate is given on the coming steps for
more » ... oming steps for this draft regulation, particularly the second lecture step at the EU parliament that will start soon. The second lecture EU Parliament planary vote is expected at the end of this year and the publication of the final version of this REACh regulation is supposed to be at the beguinning of next year. No big modifications of this text are expected at this step, but some are still possible like the content of the Annex 4 that will not be in the scope of REACh (-previewsly Annex 2). The regulation will enter into force 20 days after its publication.
doi:10.1051/ocl.2006.0030 fatcat:jggei2i2inhezoftbceup5xxbi