Numerical Simulation of Latent Heat of Solidification for Low Pressure Casting of Aluminum Alloy Wheels

Qingchun Zheng, Yinhong Xiao, Tao Zhang, Peihao Zhu, Wenpeng Ma, Jingna Liu
2020 Metals  
In this paper, aiming at focusses on many problems existing in the mathematical model of temperature change in the low-pressure casting solidification process of aluminum alloy wheel hub, there is a big gap between the simulation and the actual temperature change, which affects the research on the solidification defects of the wheel hub. In order to study the solidification behavior of aluminum alloy hub in low-pressure casting process, the mathematical model describing the temperature change
more » ... emperature change in the process of casting solidification is established by using different solidification latent heat methods. through finite element simulation and experiment, the temperature change in the process of aluminum alloy (A356) solidification is obtained to compare the difference between the temperature change described by different mathematical models, simulation and experiment. The results show that the temperature numerical model of "the temperature compensation heat capacity method" proposed in this paper is most consistent with the simulation temperature change during the solidification process of the aluminum alloy wheel in the simulation mold, which lays a good theoretical foundation for the study of the low-pressure casting process of the aluminum alloy wheel hub.
doi:10.3390/met10081024 fatcat:ocodddcjjvfixjjoz454xf5jai