88 Real Time Big Data Analytics & it's Platforms

Shivam Sehgal, Aditya Singh, Rohan Sharma, Shivam Sehgal, Aditya Singh, Rohan Sharma
2018 unpublished
As of now, we have scarce understanding of how big data actually works and how it can be channelized into economic and actual social values.Nevertheless, in the recent few years, big data has evolved to be a very important technological entity in terms of real time access to information. It is vital since competition is never-ending and always adapting to new age technologies and spasmodic business performance requirements. Hence, it's essential to monitor, analyses and adapt according to
more » ... according to various strategies adopted by other corporations or strategies that your corporation or team lacks, henceforth bringing in spotlight, the errors and loopholes in your current business performance strategy and eradicate possible fragile factors to catch up with competition and maybe even develop a contingency plan overtime. This is the elixir of real time data analytics; to overcome loopholes and step up business efficacy.Nonetheless, business analytics as of now may be a little too complex, of course as the number of corporations, number of possible outcomes and situations, number of strategies, let alone the type, needs a lot of storage, and our systems prevent that as we have scarcity of storage comparatively, as a lot of data would be produced due to massive analysis requirements. Although, as of now, business analytics systems alongside process aware info systems, PAIS, don't quite cut it; The reason being, that it does not emphasize on all types of field requirements except mainly just business specific fields.