Logic optimization and equivalence checking by implication analysis

W. Kunz, D. Stoffel, P.R. Menon
1997 IEEE Transactions on Computer-Aided Design of Integrated Circuits and Systems  
This paper proposes a new approach to multilevel logic optimization based on automatic test pattern generation (ATPG). It shows that an ordinary test generator for single stuckat faults can be used to perform arbitrary transformations in a combinational circuit and discusses how this approach relates to conventional multilevel minimization techniques based on Boolean division. Furthermore, effective heuristics are presented to decide what network manipulations are promising for minimizing the
more » ... rcuit. By identifying indirect implications between signals in the circuit, transformations can be derived which are "good" candidates for the minimization of the circuit. A main advantage of the proposed approach is that it operates directly on the structural netlist description of the circuit so that the technical consequences of the performed transformations can be evaluated in an easy way, permitting better control of the optimization process with respect to the specific goals of the designer. Therefore, the presented technique can serve as a basis for optimization techniques targeting nonconventional design goals. This has already been shown for random pattern testability [11] and low-power consumption [28]. This paper only considers area minimization, and our experimental results show that the method presented is competitive with conventional technologyindependent minimization techniques. For many benchmark circuits, our tool Hannover implication tool based on learning (HANNIBAL) achieves the best minimization results published to date. Furthermore, the optimization approach presented is shown to be useful in formal verification. Experimental results show that our optimization-based verification technique works robustly for practical verification problems on industrial designs.
doi:10.1109/43.594832 fatcat:a76yphdbqzahxpqmvffn2f63fq