Compositions of haze aerosols and their variation by inflow pathway of air mass at Gosan site in Jeju Island during 2012-2013
연무 에어로졸의 조성 및 기류 유입경로별 변화: 2012-2013년 제주도 고산지역 측정

Dong-Rim Hyeon, Jung-Min Song, Ki-Ju Kim, Won-Hyung Kim, Chang-Hee Kang, Hee-Jung Ko
2014 Analytical Science and Technology  
The atmospheric aerosols of PM 10 and PM 2.5 were collected at Gosan site of Jeju Island during 2012-2013. Their ionic and elemental species were analyzed in order to examine the composition variation of the haze aerosols in accordance with the pathway of air mass. The concentrations of nss-SO 4 2− , NO 3 − , and NH 4 + increased 2.1~3.7 times in coarse particle and 3.1~6.5 times in fine particle modes, respectively, showing especially high NO 3 − concentrations in fine particles during the
more » ... days. The concentrations of S, Zn, Pb and K increased 3.0~5.6 times in coarse particles and 3.2~7.7 times in fine particles during the haze days, on the other hand Al, Fe, and Ca concentrations were high only in coarse particles. Due to the back trajectory analysis, the concentrations of nss-SO 4 2− and NO 3 − for haze days were high when the inflow pathway of air mass was from China, especially a high increase of NO 3 − as through the south of China. The NO 3 −
doi:10.5806/ast.2014.27.4.213 fatcat:gpaz4b2uu5hmtaj5pycj2ar22e