Interference-Aware Joint Routing and TDMA Link Scheduling for Static Wireless Networks

Yu Wang, Weizhao Wang, Xiang-Yang Li, Wen-Zhan Song
2008 IEEE Transactions on Parallel and Distributed Systems  
We study efficient interference-aware joint routing and TDMA link scheduling for a multihop wireless network to maximize its throughput. Efficient link scheduling can greatly reduce the interference effect of close-by transmissions. Unlike the previous studies that often assume a unit disk graph model, we assume that different terminals could have different transmission ranges and different interference ranges. In our model, it is also possible that a communication link may not exist due to
more » ... iers or is not used by a predetermined routing protocol, while the transmission of a node always result interference to all non-intended receivers within its interference range. Using a mathematical formulation, we develop interference aware joint routing and synchronized TDMA link schedulings that optimize the networking throughput subject to various constraints. Our linear programming formulation will find a flow routing whose achieved throughput is at least a constant fraction of the optimum, and the achieved fairness is also a constant fraction of the requirement. Then, by assuming known link capacities and link traffic loads, we study link scheduling under the RTS/CTS interference model and the protocol interference model with fixed transmission power. For both models, we present both efficient centralized and distributed algorithms that use time slots within a constant factor of the optimum. We also present efficient distributed algorithms whose performances are still comparable with optimum, but with much less communications. We prove that the time-slots needed by our faster distributed algorithms are only at most O(min(log n, log ψ)) for RTS/CTS interference model and protocol interference model. Our theoretical results are corroborated by extensive simulation studies.
doi:10.1109/tpds.2008.53 fatcat:3kjvdwjhsbf53pxg4i424vl7cu