Radiation Induced Fibrosis Syndrome: A Narrative Review

MDS; [1] DR. Ritesh Raj, MDS; [2] DR. Saurabh Shekhar, BDS. [3] DR Alka Nupur
2017 Zenodo  
and Setting: Radiation fibrosis syndrome/ Radiation-induced fibrosis (RFS/RIF) occurs as a consequence of the progressive fibrotic sclerosis that occurs following the radiation (various types) therapy for cancer, and the term has been used to describe its innumerable clinical manifestations. Fibrosis is the primary complication of radiation and is said to influence the quality of life of a cancer survivor. For treatment of the Radiation Induced Fibrosis, understanding the pathogenesis of RIF is
more » ... hogenesis of RIF is essential. RIF is a consequence of a defective response to the wound healing. The response is the after-effect of the inflammatory changes that set in, due to the direct DNA damage and the free radicals generated from the ionising radiation. Inflammation, resulting in an increased TGF-β along with a host of other cytokines and growth factors, leads to fibrosis, that is manifested by increased collagen deposition, poor vascularity and scarring. The drugs for RIF have been directed against these molecules and their associated signaling pathways. Conclusion: The main purpose of this article is to provide reasoning and stronger know-how of issues related to RIF and to suggest methods to prevent the radiation morbidity.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.1153796 fatcat:g4qb55snovemxeb6vi3ojnnkve