A Review on Learning Based Automatic PPT Generation Using Machine Learning

Abhineet Ranjan, Akash Gangadhare, S Shinde
Presentation slides are widely used to communicate information to the audience. There are various tools available in the market which only deals with the formatting of the slides but not the content. However, this traditional way of preparing slides is labor-intensive in nature and leaves scope for human errors. Also, for lengthy documents, there is a chance of some important information being missed out. The drawbacks of the traditional way lead to a need for an intelligent system. The
more » ... system. The intelligent system needs to be capable of generating slides with minimum human interference. In this paper, we are enforcing the automated PPT creation from multi-documents of different extensions based on input query or title that formulate extraction of valuable information source and model a presentation view to automating slide creation using integer linear programming (ILP) method to generate well-structured slides by selecting and aligning key phrases and sentences. This will eventually help in reducing a great amount of the presenter's time and efforts. The proposed system works on natural language processing (NLP) rules to classify data for the desired slides.