High Voltage Boosting Converters Based on Bootstrap Capacitors

Aseeb, Nayas Qudrathulla
2015 International Journal of Scientific Engineering and Applied Science (IJSEAS)   unpublished
In this project, two high voltage-boosting converters are presented. By changing the connection position of the anode of the diode and by using different Pulse-Width-Modulation control strategies, different voltage conversion ratios can be obtained. These converters are constructed based on bootstrap capacitors and boost inductors. Above all, two boost inductors with different values, connected in series, can still make the proposed converters work appropriately. The proposed converter gives
more » ... converter gives high efficiency, low output ripple and low cost. The proposed converter gives the output power 200 V DC from 24 V DC at power 100 W. The proposed converter gives a high efficiency and transformation ratio by reducing the conduction losses and switching losses. Simulation was done in MATLAB/Simulink and results were verified for open loop and closed loop of converter. Experimental prototype was designed for a lower output power and results were verified.