What Good is Engagement? Predicting Academic Performance and College Satisfaction from Personality, Social Support, and Student Engagement

Timothy Bono
This dissertation identifies variables that predict academic performance and university satisfaction among 146 undergraduate students at Washington University tested during their first semester of freshman year and later as sophomores or juniors. Hierarchical regression analysis reveals that, after controlling for SAT scores, freshman levels of conscientiousness and upperclass Academic Engagement predict higher GPA. Freshman levels of life satisfaction, Co-curricular Engagement, and low regret,
more » ... nt, and low regret, and upperclass levels of happiness, social support, and low regret predict university satisfaction. A quantifiable model of Student Engagement is also offered. Further, results demonstrate that, over the college years, personality and student engagement change over time. Implications for strengthening academic performance and increasing student satisfaction are discussed. iv Acknowledgements This dissertation represents so much more than my spending the past year immersed in data collection and analysis, or even the past five years of graduate study in psychology. In fact, I trace its roots to my senior year of high school when I first was learning about Washington University. Pam and Bob Schmidt, thank you so much for nominating me for the Danforth and Clay Scholars programs and for encouraging me to pursue the opportunity to come here in the first place. As my dad always says, -This is all your fault!‖ You both have been like an aunt and uncle to me since I was born and your love and support all these years have meant the world to me.
doi:10.7936/k73776vx fatcat:bvjm5wrlw5er7pvlzonnie3dji