Finite-time active disturbance rejection control for marine diesel engine

Yuanqing Wang, Guichen Zhang, Zhubing Shi, Qi Wang, Juan Su, Hongyu Qiao
2020 Applied Mathematics and Nonlinear Sciences  
In order to handle the non-linear system and the complex disturbance in marine engines, a finite-time convergence active disturbance rejection control (ADRC) technique is developed for the control of engine speed. First, a model for the relationship between engine speed and fuel injection is established on the basis of the mean value engine model. Then, to deal with the load disturbances and model parameter perturbation of the diesel engine, this paper designs an ADRC approach to achieve
more » ... h to achieve finite-time stability. Finally, simulation experiments show that the proposed method has better control effect and stronger disturbance rejection ability in comparison with the standard linear ADRC.
doi:10.2478/amns.2020.1.00004 fatcat:czoe76ewlfcolc62dqkjipqqry