Peculiarities of Acoustooptic Transformation of Bessel Light Beams in Gyrotropic Crystals (*)

V. N. Belyi, N. S. Kazak, P. A. Khilo, E. S. Petrova, N.A. Khilo
2015 Universal Journal of Physics and Application  
The peculiarities have been studied of acoustooptic (AO) diffraction of quasi-nondiffracting vector Bessel light beams (BLB) on the ultrasound waves in optical gyrotropic cubic crystals. The system of coupled equations describing the process of acoustooptic interaction is solved, diffraction efficiency has been calculated. The mathematical description of AO interaction, which differs from the similar description for the plane optical waves means of two types of synchronism, is conducted. It is
more » ... s conducted. It is shown that besides the usual longitudinal synchronism realized at the equality of phase velocities transmitted and diffracted waves, for Bessel beams it is also necessary to perform the so-called transverse synchronism. It is related with the fact, that Bessel beams with differing cone angles have different spatial structure and, consequently, various values of overlap integral with the input beam. The possibility has been investigated of transformation of the order of phase dislocation of Bessel beams wave front due to AO diffraction. It is proposed to use the process of acoustooptic diffraction in gyrotropic cubic crystals as a method for dynamic manipulation of polarization state of output Bessel beam, particularly for transformation of left-to right (and vice versa) polarization states.
doi:10.13189/ujpa.2015.090504 fatcat:uhkncd4x7jfgvn2djytkrmdvcq