Electron-Beam Detection of Bits Reversibly Recorded on Epitaxial InSe/GaSe/Si Phase-Change Diodes

Alison Chaiken, Gary A. Gibson, John Chen, Bao S. Yeh, J. B. Jasinski, Z. Liliental-Weber, K. Nauka, C. C. Yang, D. D. Lindig, S. Subramanian
2006 Japanese Journal of Applied Physics  
We demonstrate a data read-back scheme based on electron-beam induced current in a data storage device that utilizes thermal recording onto a phase-change medium. The phase-change medium is part of a heterojunction diode whose local charge-collection efficiency depends on the crystalline or amorphous state of a bit. Current gains up to 65 at 2 keV electron beam energy have been demonstrated using InSe/GaSe/Si epitaxial diodes. Fifteen write-erase cycles are obtained without loss of signal
more » ... oss of signal contrast by using a protective cap layer and short write pulses. 100 write-erase cycles have been achieved with some loss of contrast. Erasure times for the bits are longer than in similar polycrystalline In-Se media films. Possible reasons for the long erasure times are discussed in terms of a nucleation-or growth-dominated recrystallization. Prospects for extension to smaller bit sizes using electron-beam writing are considered.
doi:10.1143/jjap.45.2580 fatcat:vrjq4iwxibfyxk5elk7rjr6u54