Soft winter wheat productivity and resistance to lodging and powdery mildew in the Rostov region

S. N. Gromova, O. V. Skripka, S. V. Podgorny
2016 Agricultural science Euro-North-East  
Winter wheat is the most important food crop which occupies a significant share of all arable lands of Russia. Winter wheat varieties grown in the Rostov region certainly have a lot of advantages though they also need further improvement to increase their tolerance to unfavorable environmental conditions and to get better and larger grain productivity. Thus the purpose of the researches was to study 16 samples of soft winter wheat of intensive type in the competitive variety testing in the
more » ... v region. They have been tested on productivity and its structural elements, resistance to lodging, tolerance to powdery mildew. The study and tests were conducted in FSBSI ARRIGC named after I.G. Kalinenko in 2013-2015. According to a set of economic-valuable traits of soft winter wheat some varieties showed better results in productivity -'Nakhodka'(8.16 t/ha), 'Tanais' (8.15 t/ha), 'Rostovchanka 5' (8.12 t/ha) and 'Kazachka' (8.10 t/ha); in productive tillering - 'Bonus' (3.0 pieces per plant), 'Zernogradka 10' and 'Marafon' (2.7 p.), 'Zernogradka 11' (2.6 p.); in a number of spikelets per head - 'Kipchak' (21.4 p.), 'Rostovchanka 7' (20.7 p.)'Kazachka' (20.2 p.), and 'Marafon' (20.0 p.); in a number of grain per head - 'Kipchak' (40.78 p.); in 1000-grain weight - 'Kazachka' (41.92 g), 'Nakhodka' (41.72 g), "Aksiniya' (41.03 g), and 'Luchezar' (40.78 g); in tolerance to lodging - 'Tanais' and 'Nakhodka' (4.7 points), 'Konkurent' and 'Bonus' (4.5 points); in resistance to powdery mildew - 'Aksiniya', 'Nakhodka' and 'Bonus' (0.5 points). The identified varieties can be widely used in the breeding programs as the sources for creation of new hybrid material.
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