Short Notices

1918 English Historical Review  
SHORT NOTICES 285 charm ; and Dr. Hodgkin's many friends will be thankful to Mrs. Creighton for the skill and judgement with which she has arranged her materials. To some it may perhaps seem that the domestic letters are given in too great abundance; for, beautiful as they axe, they necessarily repeat a good deal. It might have been thought that Hodgkin's power of observation, his fondness for comparing historical sites, his keen interest in life and action, would have come out specially in the
more » ... ut specially in the letters and journals written during foreign travel. But of these Mrs. Creighton has made sparing use. It seems to have been a visit to Borne in 1870 that determined the future course, of his Trmin historical studies (p. 82), though there is a hint of it in the previous year (p. 100). In 1873 he proposed to write a history of Italy from Theodosius to modern times in nine volumes (p. 101). This vast design was actually carried out so far as the number of volumes is concerned; x but Italy and her Invaders, the publication of which began in 1880, stopped short at the death of Charles the Great. Mrs. Creighton tells us that the first volume did not escape criticism, but she rightly dwells on the way in which Hodgkin gave life and colour to a history in many respects far remote from modern interests. She might have added that when Yillari many years later wrote his Barbarian, Invasions of Italy he mentioned his obligations to the works of various modern historians, ' and, above all, of Hodgkin'. Excellent as it is throughout, we think that the chief attraction of the Life is the picture which it gives of the Quaker society of the nineteenth century in its best form. Hodgkin, though at first not altogether happy in his relations to the communion in which he was born, grew to be the staunchest and most active of Friends, and his untiring work in this capacity was that probably by which he would have desired most of all to be judged. P.
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