Interactions of Azoarcus sp. with Rhizosphere Fungi [chapter]

Th. Hurek, B. Reinhold-Hurek
1999 Mycorrhiza  
Azoarcus are known to contain bacterial strains usually found in contaminated areas. Two strains of Azoarcus sp., TSPY31 and TSNA42, were isolated from oil-contaminated marine tidal flats, and their genomic structures were analyzed. The genomes of both TSPY31 and TSNA42 were composed of a single complete chromosome of 4,572,082 bp (G + C content: 63.2%) and 4,886,934 bp (G + C content: 62.8%), respectively. Both genomes were found to contain two copies of styrene monooxygenases that are
more » ... es that are predicted to be responsible for converting indole to indigo.
doi:10.1007/978-3-662-03779-9_25 fatcat:vpn5b4z6zvcqbd2nhgg65lpkuq